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  Searching for Life in the Darkness
Posted by: Stugots - 10-09-2017, 03:50 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

Hello, hello, anybody out there?  

I made the last post back in May, and theres nothing after.

Where the hell did everybody go?

I was one of the "Old Heads", and I ain't dead yet.

Surely you can find some time for what was one of the best chat rooms ever!

Lets get some shit back on the Shit House Wall, where it belongs!

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Posted by: Stugots - 05-09-2017, 10:10 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

A proposed rail project was introduced today by a representative of the Texas Department of Transportation, which would build and operate a high speed passenger train service between Los Angeles and Houston, to be funded by the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and “private, non government entities”.  All development and construction costs would be borne by a Japanese corporation (the non government entity), at no cost to US taxpayers, upon the signing of a agreement that said corporation will have the exclusive contract to provide all new train sets, replacement rolling stock, and a service contract to maintain the equipment for a period of not less than 20 years.

The concerned States have 120 days to make a decision however, if any one of the States mentioned declines to participate, the Japanese would rescind their offer and the whole project would be scrubbed!

The representative of the Japanese conglomerate stated that the project could commence as soon as 30 days from the contract signing!

The only caveat the Japanese insisted upon is that Amtrak will have nothing whatsoever to do with this project now, or at any future date!

Anybody want to bet whether or not this project will ever see daylight?

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Posted by: Stugots - 04-10-2017, 03:16 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

It appears that “Bad Guys” will soon be riding Amtrak trains to prison.

The Department of Justice has chosen Amtrak to provide transportation for convicted felons, who due to medical reasons can not be transported by plane, on their way to or from any US Penitentiary.

The prisoners will travel in a “Deluxe Room”, accompanied by one US Marshal if the prisoner has been convicted of a non violent crime, and two or more Marshals if doing time for a violent crime.

The prisoners will board first, and be removed after the last passenger has left the train.

Meals will be served in the room, and for all intents and purposes other passengers will never know the prisoner is on the train.

The only exception will be in the event that a prisoner overpowers has guard, takes his weapon, and starts shooting people as he escapes.  The Department of Justice spokesperson stated this scenario is highly unlikely in that Marshals are very well trained, and on a yearly average, loose very few people in their custody.

The spokesperson further stated that in an effort to boost Amtrak revenues, the prisoner, and all Marshals will pay full fare.

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  Believe It or Not, There Are Things More Screwed Up Than Amtrak
Posted by: Stugots - 03-05-2017, 11:38 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

This past week an undercover Federal Immigration Agent was riding in the coach of train #2 into Del Rio, TX.

The agent had identified what he believed to be undocumented aliens also riding in the coach.

Just prior to arrival in Del Rio, the agent radioed his backup team waiting at the Del Rio Amtrak Station and advised them he would require assistance taking the suspects into custody.

When the train stopped at the station 8 additional agents poured into the coach, and, at the undercover agents direction took six people off the train.  The train was released, and continued on its journey.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that 5 of the 6 “undocumented” individuals were undercover federal agents of the DEA, working an active drug case with known suspects on the train, and the 6th individual was a General in the Mexican Army, traveling to Washington on official business.

An excellent example of your tax dollars at work on the War on Drugs!

And I thought Amtrak was screwed up!

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  President Trump says, "Make Me That Offer!"
Posted by: Stugots - 01-21-2017, 04:15 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

 It has been reported by the New York Times that an unnamed source  close to President Trump, who was party to a casual conversation last night between the President and the Japanese Ambassador, at an Inaugural Ball in Washington, that President Trump learned for the first time that an offer had been made to former President Obama by representatives of the Japanese Government and a consortium of Japanese rail manufactures, to build a bullet train from New York to Los Angeles, at no cost to US taxpayers.  

The Japanese would build the railroad, and provide the initial rolling stock, with the provision that any and all future purchases of “bullet train equipment” would be exclusively purchased from the Japanese manufacturer for a period of ten years from the commencement of passenger operations on the coast to coast bullet train.

President Obama turned down the offer.  No explanation was given.

After learning of the “offer” that had been made by the Japanese, President Trump was overheard to of said, “Let them make me that offer and see what happens”!

I have a feeling that Amtrak may be operating coast to coast bullet trains much sooner than anyone had anticipated, or expected would ever happen.

Amtrak operating at peek efficiency, and at a profit?  I’m afraid the shock would kill us all, but it would damn sure be nice to see!

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  No Santa Claus?
Posted by: Stugots - 12-21-2016, 12:12 AM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

A Salvation Army Santa was presiding over his donation kettle at Union Station when a street thug knocked him to the floor and stole the kettle.  Before the thug could reach the sidewalk in front of the Station, Santa had regained his feet, caught up with the thug as he reached the door, planted a right hook on the thug's chin rendering him instantly unconscious on the floor.  Turns out that "Santa" was a Vet.  A Marine who had served 3 tours in Iraq before and IED took both of his legs below the knees.  On prosthetic metal legs he caught up with the thug and then reminded him that stealing and knocking people down was not very nice.  The thug was taken to jail, and the crowed that had gathered made sizable contributions to the kettle when they realized what had happened.

And you don't believe in Santa Claus?

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  Amtrak President Moorman Speech
Posted by: Stugots - 11-23-2016, 12:24 AM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

On Monday Amtrak President Charles Moorman made a statement to the press while attending a luncheon in Washington and stated emphatically " how important the railroad industry is to the economy of this country".  He further stated that "Amtrak was a necessary and vital transportation service that need to be improved, expanded, and funded to make it the best passenger rail service in the world".

On Tuesday, when questioned by the press, two of the Congressman on the Transportation Committee said, referring to Mooreman's statement, "Perhaps we made a mistake in making Mr. Mooreman president of Amtrak".

Mooreman wants to make Amtrak the best passenger service in the world.  Anyone want to guess how much longer he'll be around.

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  774 Held Hostage for 8 hours at Chatsworth
Posted by: Amtk237 - 09-20-2016, 03:55 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - Replies (1)

Heard last Friday a nut with a gun was barricaded in a toilet on 774 (I think that was the train number) 
and the cops took 8 hours to get him out ,,,, WTF!!!
 All those cops, all that time, thousands of commuters screwed, 
 Sometimes I wonder if the cops hold trains for a long time so they can rake in the O.T.
 Granted sometimes a crew needs relief if its a trespasser fatal ,,,,, 
 But when it a baracaded nut,, FIRE A FEW ROUNDS THRU THE DOOR!!!! OR GAS THE COACH!!!!

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  Hinckley goes to Amtrak
Posted by: Stugots - 09-01-2016, 11:16 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

John Hinckley Jr., attempted assassin of President Ronald Reagan in 1981, will be released from a psychiatric hospital on Sept. 10, and will take up residence in Falls Church, VA.

In an attempt to re-acclimate Hinckley to society his Doctor has recommended that he immerse himself in social activities and functions, and, obtain employment "in a field where he can interface with the public on a daily basis and broaden his social skills".

The Doctor recommended he seek employment with AMTRAK.

I know that Amtrak has a policy of not hiring convicted felons however, anybody want to bet whether or not the nut case get hired?

Well, on second thought, I guess he couldn't be any worse a manager than some of the ones we already have, so, good luck future Trainmaster Hinckley!

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  Unaccompanied Children on Jet Blue
Posted by: George Crago - 09-01-2016, 07:42 PM - Forum: Writings On The Wall - No Replies

I can only hope for my working Colleagues that they will never have to carry unaccompanied children any more. It's harder on the families but with the problems caused by the kids, minimal, the parents, irresponsible at times but the company waffling on this issue and blaming the Conductors when things go wrong makes it impossible for us. Examples are: When parents buy full fare tickets and then get on with the kids and then get off again real fast and Conductor put 8 and 6 year old in custody of next station Agent, Conductor was told should have carried them anyway; Delaying trains while explaining policy with parents who don't have paperwork, management said should have carried them anyway; Child says parents called him and said to get off at a station before his destination or after it and Conductor took child passenger off at proper station, management said should have let the child go where he wanted just prove the right parent picks him up, did so next time this happened and train was . All of these and many other situations that are similar and worse and the company is afraid to back the Conductor who is slam with more important things than babysitting is why the children are at risk traveling unaccompanied. I'll bet it turns out the kids on Jet Blue switched their ID's just to see what would happen. Parents need to be in charge of their kids when traveling and the parent who moves away from the child needs to buy a Prius. At one point in my career I had to show two Asst. Superintendents and a Road Foremen a copy of the "Release" parents sign to prove the Conductor was responsible if the paperwork wasn't signed and "Release" was not fulfilled. FYI...CYA!!!

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